19 May 2016

On sale for $49.00

Regain Your Health! Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones From EMF Protection. Two International AWARDS (The World Exhibition on Invention, Research and New Technologies in BRUSSELS 2006 - and International Exhibition of Inventika GENEVA 2004) as Phone Shield for Your Cell Phone EMF Radiation Protection Shield

The QuanTHOR emf protection shield not only protects you and your family but converts the interfering radiation immediately sending a coherent life enhancing field through the device.

QuanTHOR cell phone emf protection and blocker can be used on all styles of cellular and smart phones, all mobile wireless devices, electronics and appliances.

The New updated QuanTHOR cell phone radiation protection version offer also great body protection against radiation when applied on any other radiation/emf emitting device.

Desktop computers, Ipads, wireless phones, microwaves, laptops , phone shield, monitors, TVs.

Scientifically proven benefits. Tested with a spectrum analyzer- Cornet ED78S EMF RF Meter Electromagnetic Detector (Made in USA) - proved a high reduction of electromagnetic radiation and magnetic field with more that 80%.

IMPORTANT:BUY 2 And the 3rd ONE IS FREE: Simply add 3 QuanTHOR Shields to your Cart and the Discount will automatically be applied at checkout. Each unit will then costs only $32.66. FREE SHIPPING

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